new experiences...

puh, the gigs from the 2 weeks tour in february were really mostly amazing and gave us so much power for the future and to continue!
and we get so many beautyful pictures by some people in the audience - thank you!! we will load them up if our new gallery will be finished.
we now are very excited for the tour ion france and the gig in greece.

we now made some music for theatre - some lofi recording session with many stuff with jorinde kuiper with her ibook - she will do then the mix for the theatre...
it will be a piece at the cologne national theatre called " IN DER EINSAMKEIT DER BAUMWOLLFELDER "

was really interesting work, bacause it was so different.
we took electronic drum pads and distorted them so it s sounding very dark electro, but trash, and all was recorded live.
we made some soundexamples wich you can hear here and here.
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